Azad TV studio

A set designing and infrastructure in TV News Channel, A/V Post Production House designing and creating the sets and infrastructure that appear in films and television programmes as well as in the theatre. 

We consult with communicating with directors, producers, costume designers and other members of staff of TV Studio.


MH1 News

Typical consultancy includes:

  • producing plans, drawings and models of sets
  • preparing estimates of set costs
  • managing budgets
  • viewing possible technical aspects
  • technical planning during infra
  • commissioning set construction companies.

News ExpressOur Services

Media Todays provides consultancy on an integrated multi-disciplinary design and management approach to ensure brand visibility and business continuity includes

Surya SamacharArchitectural Planning : Layouts, functions, customer flow and zoning for media and retail. SKU's planning and merchandise mapping, category and services planning.

Set and Studio Designing : Layouts, studio requirements, sound proofing, acoustics, real/virtual set design and fabrication as per channel's look and feel. 

Surya SamacharFurniture Planning and Design : All technical/merchandise/loose fixtures and Furniture- planning & design including - seating elements, tables, lounge seating, external and internal elements.

News ExpressLighting/HVAC/Electrical : Lighting planning, energy calculations, lux levels, colour render (CRI) mapping, heat load calculations, electrical layouts and EMS planning.

Contract Administration : Specifications,BOQ's & tender documents, site specification drawings and adaptation documents. 

 Surya SamacharDesign and Project Management : Supervision of AOR contracts, site progress monitoring and specification verification, Bill-verification and technical reports, handing over of project.


Media Todays Provide Solutions for

  • Broadcast Consultancy
  • TV Channel System Integration 
  • IP TV News Channel System Integration
  • Web TV System Integration
  • Television News Channel
  • Non News Channel
  • Video Production House
  • Audio Production House
  • Satellite TV Earth Station
  • DSNG DMNG and OB Van
  • FM Radio & Audio Production House
  • Consultancy for new TV Channel Venture
  • Complete Project Report for TV Channels
  • Complete system integration of the TV channel
  • Technical Auditing for TV channel
  • Community Radio/Community TV
  • Digitizing and Archiving System
  • Maintenance of TV channel
  • TV Studio Acoustic & Infrastructure Design