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DSNG,OB and Mobile PCR Van

Media Todays designs, Fabrication design and integrates complete line of quality, fully featured and competitively priced customized vehicles for the broadcast and communication market. Whether you are looking for an ENG, DSNG or Combo Unit, the vehicles can be designed to meet your demanding requirements.

The use of high quality equipment, proven and reliable installation methods based on the state of the art design provides unmatched advantage in the integration of the vehicles over the years.

  •  Selection of the vehicle according to application
  •  Fabrication of the vehicle
  •  Integration of the DSNG, OB and Mobile Production Control Room
  •  Multi cam facilities design



  • Professional Consultants
  • International trade
  • Effective Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • Experienced staff
  • Customized Solutions


  • Television News Channel
  • Entertainment Channel
  • Video Production House
  • Satellite TV Earth Station
  • DSNG and OB Van
  • FM Radio Station
  • Consultancy for your new TV Venture
  • Complete Project Report for TV Channel

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