Media todays

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Media Todays provides full bouquet of infrastructure related services for sites to run media operations such as TV Channel, DSNG and FM Radio, etc

Our solutions for infrastructure developed are delivered in association with our associate architects, mechanical engineers and other service consultants.

  •  Site Technical feasibility and testing
  •  Structural design
  •  Space planning
  •  Architectural and interior designs
  •  Electricals
  •   Lighting design
  •  Air-conditioning
  •  Acoustics
  •  Fire detection and access control
  •  HR automation system for Employees



  • Professional Consultants
  • International trade
  • Effective Solutions
  • Financial Services
  • Experienced staff
  • Customized Solutions


  • Television News Channel
  • Entertainment Channel
  • Video Production House
  • Satellite TV Earth Station
  • DSNG and OB Van
  • FM Radio Station
  • Consultancy for your new TV Venture
  • Complete Project Report for TV Channel

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Office at  Mayur Vihar 1, Delhi-110092, India