OB Van

Digital Satellite News Gathering ( DSNG) & Outside Broadcast (OB) VAN

Mr. Shyam Salvi designs , Fabrication design and integrates complete line of quality, fully featured and competitively priced customized vehicles for the broadcast and communication market. Whether you are looking for an ENG, DSNG or Combo Unit, the vehicles can be designed to meet your demanding requirements.

The use of high quality equipment, proven and reliable installation methods based on the state of the art design provides unmatched advantage in the integration of the vehicles over the years. Designed vehicles have been used by TOTAL TV with integrated 4 Camera Setup , successfully serving for last 4 Years.

OB Van Specifications:
1134 Series Prodelin Reflector & Feed
40 Watts KU Band Agilis SSPA
Agilis BUC
E-1720 Scopus Encoder
Agilis L- Band Multiplexer
5.6 Inch LCD 4 No. Video Switcher
Data Video SE-500
Numeric UPS 3 KVA
ADA , VDA Network Electronic, Norway
Canare Audio , Video Patch panel
Customized Talkback system


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S.K. Salvi
10, Sirifort Road,
New Delhi-110049
Mobile:+91 9999 11 44 88 
Email:  salvi@mediatodays.com
URL : www.mediatodays.com

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